Scale & Polish

Scaling and Root Planning

A Scale & Polish / Prophylaxis “dental cleaning” is a simple procedure undertaken to prevent dental disease. It is a pain free procedure that must be carried out every six months. Scaling removes tartar / calculus from your teeth which if left unremoved can cause Gum / Periodontal Disease. Polishing smoothens rough surfaces and helps prevent the build-up of bacterial plaque and tartar. Specialised Ultrasonic Instruments are used which produce tickling vibrations to remove large pieces of tartar. It also produces a cooling mist of water to wash away debris. Polishing is completed using a device like a specialised high power electric toothbrush. The professional cleaning of teeth is referred to as prophylaxis. This is a Greek term meaning “to prevent”. In this case it prevents gum disease.

Scale & Polish also removes stains from the teeth and together with Prophylaxis Paste or Microabrasion Whitening Paste leaves the teeth clean, white and feeling great!

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