Dental Fillings

Ballinrobe Dental is a “Mercury-Free” practice. We strive to only use “tooth coloured” restorations. These “white fillings” are not only beautiful and unnoticeable but they can also add strength to weakened teeth. Several materials can be used to create white fillings. These include Composite Resin, Glass Ionomer, Porcelain Inlays / Onlays and Porcelain Crowns. Dr. O’ Beirne can advise you on what material is best for you.


Cavities, Fillings and Core Buildups

Disadvantages of Silver Fillings (Amalgams)

Silver Fillings have many disadvantages:

  • Easily wear down
  • Do no strengthen the tooth
  • Easily fracture
  • Corrode, leak and stain tooth
  • Contain Mercury
  • Turn from silver colour to grey and black in time
  • Can produce metallic taste in mouth

With modern technology silver amalgam fillings can easily be replaced with tooth coloured fillings.

Advantages of tooth coloured fillings

  • Invisible, more aesthetically pleasing, natural looking smile
  • Can be highly polished
  • Can be easily repaired and refurbished
  • Can strengthen a tooth
  • Chemically bond to tooth and are therefore very strong
  • No mercury
  • May contain fluoride which prevents further tooth decay
  • Create a beautiful smile
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