Nervous Patients

Finalist 2017 Irish Dental Awards “Best Treatment Of Nervous Patients” category.

Dental Phobia is a very common problem. At Ballinrobe Dental we treat dental anxiety as a very serious issue and are committed to helping you move past your dental fear and treat you with care and respect. Dr. O’ Beirne provides a clinic specifically dedicated to the treatment of anxious patients. No matter what level of dental phobia you have, we aim to address your worries and concerns and we will help you overcome them.

Ballinrobe Dental always provides dental care in a relaxed friendly manner and at your own pace. With time and care we find that the majority of our patients learn to overcome their fear and many even comment “it’s the first time I am looking forward to coming to the dentist!”

At Ballinrobe Dental we have the latest in Dental Technology to help you overcome your fear, including “Happy Air” Nitrous Oxide Sedation / Gas & Air if required. The first step is to come and say “Hello!”. Call in, meet our receptionists and visit our clinic.

Simple Steps to overcoming Dental Phobia

  • Talk to your Dentist
  • You are in charge, ask questions, don’t be afraid of sounding foolish
  • Discuss your fears
  • Have short appointments
  • Don’t be afraid to stop the dentist, raise your hand if you want a break, or have any questions.
  • Ask the dentist to explain procedures (or not!)
  • Distraction – watch T.V. / Film during treatment
  • Sedation – Valium can be prescribed by Dr. O’ Beirne
  • Sedation – Nitrous Oxide Gas (Happy Air / laughing gas) is available at Ballinrobe Dental
  • Bring a friend along for support, this is compulsory if you require sedation. You must be escorted.
  • General Anesthesia. This means you will be fully asleep for the procedure. This is carried out in Hospital. Dr. O’ Beirne can refer you to a dental specialist in the Galway Clinic if you require this treatment.
Irish Dentistry Awards 2017 Finalist
Irish Dental Association
The Dawson Academy